Thursday, February 25, 2010


An, Finalmente i have recieved my theme for garment one in textiles.
It is all to do with fabric enrichment with repetition and the feminine figure, Its fantastic.
Everything i think of is to emphasise the figure, I love this.
It is such a lovely thing to see womans natural curves.
Nothing like our straight skinny society.
I would love to be in the 50's with the huge dresses emphasizing the waist and hips!
I've a few images in my find.
We have just done Batik or Rozome dying and i adore it!
I had a idea about what i've talked about earlier, the galaxy.
It is a repeating pattern and i can make it with rozome.
I would use a light cotton or voile and make small wax spots of stars then use light red or purple dye the has been skattered and bled to look like star clouds then i can dye it a very dark navy or black!
Then i would embroider the stars with sequins or beads to enrich it more.
Lastly I would make it into a dress that is very plain. Round neck, sleeveless, kneelength with two pleats down the middle.
Simple but creates shape without being to tight or figure hugging!
Oh its all so grand.
Now i must document in My VD!

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